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Welcome to The ARENA, a Web 3 Community by MetaWin.

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Starting with NFTs

All qualifying NFT projects can open channels in the ARENA and manage communications in an environment shared with other projects and decentralized apps. Members are free to wander from community to community without the need for further verification or to run into a new set of rules or moderators.



Use ARENA to communicate, collaborate and co-operate. These 3 c’s are known as the ARENA code. The code also complies of 3 A’s, Angry, Antagonistic and A-Hole. Don’t be an A on ARENA!

Made to Win


Our multi-asset verification process detects NFTs stored in your wallet and applies the relevant community roles to your account.


ARENA code is designed to be simplistic and has replaced the need for a rule book.


Web3 provides a fair internet where users control their own data, identity and destiny.

Our vision

ARENA shares the Web3 council’s vision to embrace and nurture cutting-edge applications for decentralized web software protocols.

Our mission

Creating an open, connected environment in which Web3 enthusiasts can collaborate and grow projects is our primary mission.

About us

ARENA was chosen by MetaWin as the destination to locate its community given its Web3 principals.

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